Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello Saturday!!

Hello Saturday.. Oh what was that?? Im at work?? Yup, spending my day sitting in a chair looking outside.. What was that Saturday, you think that sounds depressing?? You have no idea.
Ok well now that I just had a conversation with myself.. Maybe I need to go next door and check into the psych ward. It is SATURDAY! And normally I would be way more excited but I need the money and they are offering hours so I picked up every Saturday. Not bad since I am out by 3pm today. My fear is april.. (dun dun dunnn). I am working M-F 7:30a-5:30p and then every Saturday 7a-3p.. Yup, for those of you who dont know math, thats 58 hour weeks. On top of prepping for the baby and having 3 dogs at home and at some point in time getting sleep. Good thing its only for a month! Id say I can sleep when I take time off once the baby is born but that would be a joke! Ill never sleep once she is born and hen I can sleep, I wont. Ill sit there and look at her and fall in love with her all over again every day. Yaaay for Pepsi!
Nothing to much to rant about since its only 9:20 in the morning (eastern time) so most of you are probably sleeping. Rise and shine and get on with the day!! Even on weekends I dont really sleep in (if given the chance) because a) my dogs think "oh the suns up, lets play" or b) i just dont sleep. I dont like sleep. I feel like if I sleep I am wasting the day and yes that sounds dumb. Its SLEEP!! Example, right now.. As I am sitting here in the chair with my netbook on my lap my eyes are super heavy and I could just lean over and fall asleep. No worries, I wont. I kinda like my job!
Thinking about going out today and buying a new camera. I am HUGE on pictures. If youre a friend of mine on facebook or even twitter, you see the pictures I upload/twitpic. My nephew is coming home in a week for a week and I need to document his week! Mainly so I dont fall apart when he leaves again. I havent seen him since I left Texas on January 30th. Ahh, almost 2 months. I miss him. He should be coming here for a month over the summer so he can come camping with us. Well, I dont know if Ill be camping with the baby. Yaay, 2 months old, now cook dinner. Ha. Jokes. And then he SHOULD be moved home next March. One more year. This kid is adorable. I know everyone says that about their nieces and nephews and kids but face it people.. There are just some kids who are NOT cute. But this kid is cute. He has HUGE brown eyes and 4 teeth. A huge round head and hes long and skinny. Hes going to be so tall! This isnt even his best picture. Just one I took with my phone. He just turned one. In January I flew him to Texas and let me tell you.. 15 hours on planes and layovers with a 11 month old and top of going into a time zone that was 2 hours behind you.
I slept he entire next day.

Ok for now I am off. Need to deal with work for a bit. Silly patients.
Enjoy your Saturday!!!

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