Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday...

So its only 1:20pm on a Wednesday afternoon... Let me just mention to you, my life is INSANE! It is chaotic, it is busy and I wouldn't have it any other way. The more going on, the more people involved, the happier I am! Last night I had trouble sleeping, again.. I'm assuming its just the anxiety from everything going on in my life right now. Alarm went off at 7:30 and I got my butt up to work out. I am trying to get it shape. When I got married and was 20 I was in great shape.. And then my husband appetite and my crappy metabolism.. Well, lets just say they didn't agree. So 4.5 years later and in the middle of a divorce (surprise) I am doing whats best for me! I went to the doctors today because I have been sick. No voice, congested and miserable. I knew that I had smoke allergies but I had to get a doctors note for my job. I deal with smoke on certain days and my immune system just shuts down, so I get really sick. I found out that I need to start using an inhaler because I keep having trouble breathing. One of my two jobs is, I am a nanny. I love my job. Its amazing, the kids are amazing and the family is amazing! I kept noticing that playing with the little one that I would be short of breath and all I kept saying is I know I am not out of shape and I am really not a big person.. WHAT is going ON?? Well, ta-da... Smoke allergies are killing me!!! Not literally.. No worries! I haven't used it yet, so we will see. I will need to before I leave for my shift tonight. I will be around smoke so I need to be prepared to be miserable tomorrow. Bottle of water, check - inhaler, check - sanity, oh shit where did I put that..
Now I am just sitting at home, relaxing for another 30 minutes. I love being at home. I get to sick with my girls (dogs) and just relax and breath for a few minutes before my next burst of pure business kicks in. I wouldn't have it any other way!! On a good note, my ring I ordered from came in today and I LOVE IT!! I haven't worn my wedding ring in quite some time and my finger needed a little bit of love! Hey, fingers have feelings! Get it? Ok, I know bad joke!
Alright my little monsters I am off. I will write tomorrow for sure. I have a lot to get out about an event that recently occurred and has irked me since then. Just no time for it today. It gives me another day to process my thoughts. And tomorrow evening it will be just the girls and I and more time for me and you.
I am LOVING writing this blog. I can ramble and people actually read it. Makes me smile!!!

Sending hugs your way!

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