Monday, March 22, 2010

Why do Mondays suck?

I hate waking up on Monday morning. I more so hate waking up on Monday morning when I worked all weekend. Its been 8 days since Ive had a day off (and that was a sick day, literally) and my next is Friday. I am EXHAUSTED! Im not sleeping again. Even advil PM takes forever to kick in. I need something more but I would have to have time to go to the doctors. haha. Lets see whats in store for me this week..
Today: I Work until 2 and then I have to take my truck in to get a new windshield.. Then HOPEFULLY I can move an appt to after that. And then CLEAN THE HOUSE!
Tuesday: Work 8:30am-3pm and then home to get ready and Pistons game that night. Hello luxury box!!
Wednesday: I have a meeting at my office (for my 2nd job) and then a appt to FINALLY get my hair cut at 12 (its been since September..) Then I have to go home and prepare food for that night.. At 7 is my Stella & Dot Jewelry Party and then Karaoke after that.
Thursday: I work basically all day..
Friday: So far.. NOTHING. I need a day off. A day to breathe.
Saturday: I work 7am-3pm..
Thats my week and I know I am missing something. Thats on top of the 3 dog I have.. Even though I know once the baby is here I wont be sleeping, I dont care. I will finally be able to sit there and do nothing. Just hold Emma and stare at her and fall more and more in love with her. I love life. Its busy and its chaotic. It just sucks when you realize its been 7 months since a haircut and your lease is up on your truck (well miles are up..) and you have to learn to drive stick.
New rant. 5 speed. AHHH!! You stress me OUT!
Yesterday the lady I nanny for (who has become one of my closest friend, i love this family) taught me how to drive stick. Poor thing, I hope her insurance covers whip lash. It wasnt horrible but I hate, hate, hate stalling out. Its embarrassing! I should be better then that. I did good though and I am totally proud of myself. Josh tried to teach me when we were together and he was home and ladies, never ask your spouse to teach you anything. He made me SO mad. hahaha. But it was fun and I thank him for trying. So yesterday we drove around for 90 minutes and I basically took her on a your of Lansing and Grand Ledge and the good places to go all while practicing my shifting! Ahh..
So then that night I had my family Easter dinner.. Everyone is going out of town on Easter so we did it early and by family I mean.. My parents and brothers, a family friend and more of their mutual friends. Amazing dinner. I think I saw my brothers once because they were off doing the Easter egg hunt.. Which is 30 plastic eggs hid in a field and on the golf course. Ok not hid, more like buried. After 4 hours they still hadnt found the golden egg ($5 inside). So funny. They were outside as it was getting dark looking for the eggs. Silly kids.
I drove there all by myself and only stalled out once, ok twice.. Once each way. But hey I did good. Im still queasy when it comes to lots of traffic around me and hills. I do not like hills. I am so afraid of hitting the car behind me so if you see a little blue sports car and its rolling backwards and in Lansing (STAY AWAY, FAR FAR AWAY!!)
By the way I am working right now, the baby is sleeping. I love when she falls asleep snuggling up to me. Sweet, sweet little girl.
Ok for now, thats all I have to bitch and complain about. Ooops, maybe I shouldn't swear. Eh, youll get used to it!!
Have a great day and dont forget its GRILLED CHEESE MONDAY!! Take a picture of it and hashtag it #grilledcheesemonday. And then tweet at me @niffirgelleinad so i can see!! ~Smile, its good for your soul~

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