Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Once upon a time...

Hey there kids..
Well I am going to give this blog business another try! I started one over the summer and well I kind of slacked and.. You get where this going.. Right? So here is attempt number two! Or for those of you who cant read words (I don't know WHY you would be reading this) that's attempt #2. Did I mention I'm kind of a smart ass, I can rant about pretty much anything going on in my life and I am incredibly and I mean ridiculously, disgustingly positive about live even when it looks like things will never get better.. Yup, I'm the girl that makes you sick!

What can I say about myself? Wait, why am I asking you? Ahh, I did it again! Ok, well here it does. My name is Danielle (or so you think it is). No, its really Danielle. I am in my twenties.. We will get to my real age later but if I tell you now that would really just ruin all the fun. Ive been through a lot in my 20 something years and you'll learn with this blog what I am talking about. I live in Michigan and I hate it. Its cold and its just, well, Michigan. My dream places to live would be San Francisco, Chicago and London. I'm a city girl. Put me in the city and I'm at home, put me in the country without cell phone reception and I go crazy. I LOVE my blackberry and yes, you can love your phone. I have 3 dogs. They're sassy and loud and the damn near most important things in my life right now and soon that will be changing... You'll also learn about that! I do not like drama, I don't lie and I really don't like when you think you re better then me because hunni, I really could care less. I have hopes and dream and goals that someday I believe I will reach and if I don't.. Well, I tried my hardest! I believe that if there is something in your life that you re not happy with, only you can change that! That you choose your path and you have no right to complain about the bad days because you're not doing anything to make it a good day. I believe the sun will always come out tomorrow. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that every person in your life has a purpose. Some people are meant to be and some aren't. I believe in mistakes but I don't believe in excuses or using a mistake as an excuse. I believe that you are the person you want to be and if you say you aren't, then maybe you need to re evaluate who you are! I love life. I'm not some crazy hippy. I just know what its like to hit rock bottom and to come out a completely new, better and happier person!

That's all.. :)

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